Sales Reps in various regions are needed to sell our brand!


Azonto Apparel is seeking salespersons from various geographical areas of the world, to help us launch our new brand. If you live in a major metropolis, in any part of the world or just have the experience you feel make you this candidate, you are welcome to apply.

 What type of person?

Positive, full of energy, and a desire to grasp the opportunity. Creativity, knowledge of your geographical space, the people and community, shops, vendors, as well as promotional techniques that could be applied in the specific geographical space you are located.

What are we offering?

We are offering the individuals, who create energy and results around our brand, a chance to come into our family. It's an opportunity for you to show us what you can do for Azonto Apparel and what we can do for you.

What happens after you contact us?

Once we have received your contact information, we will reply with an email confirming we have received your contact with a request for your CV and Application, giving your experience, knowledge and the city you live in, as well as other information you find relevant to this request. 

Thank you for contacting us,

Love Azonto
Azonto Apparel